Monday, November 14, 2011

Veterans Day Parade - 2011

Pensacola Beach salutes our military and honors our veterans who give so much for our country!  Photos from our Pensacola Beach Veterans Day Parade!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Military Fishing Expedition - May 17, 2011

Pensacola Beach Marina shortly after sunrise. The group of military men and women going out today will be arriving soon. This fishing trip is an annual event as part of the Military Appreciation Month.

The Entertainer!  It's a great charter boat used for our trip.

Our group is comprised of young men and women from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy.

Captain Jerry Andrews watches everyone filing aboard.

Major James Knell (USMC, ret.) works very hard on this event:  "I expect to see fish this long when you get back this afternoon!"

Everyone gets a laugh when they read the sign above the door (See photo below)!

Alicia Boswell caught this beauty and claimed title to 'Biggest Fish' for a shore while. 

Oh yeah....

Teodor Barbakov holding up one of the first fish he reeled in.

I really thought Ruby Mullins (Coast Guard) was going to end the day with the 'Most Caught' prize, but Rebecca Kieke (Navy) managed to beat her out by a fin.

Jose Barrientos admiring his beautiful Amberjack which eventually won him the 'Biggest Fish' trophy and prize.

Incredible as it sounds, we frequently had an escort of lively porpoises who've gotten very adept at snatching our fish right off the hook!

SPC Zachary Broz with one of the many Mingo snapper he reeled in.

The dock was full of people waving flags and cheering as our boat pulled into the marina.

Dozens of Mingo snapper, some Amberjack, and Triggerfish will supply a late lunch for the crowd. 

All dressed up and we know where they'll go!

Right into the cornmeal!

A beautiful cake was donated to the event by the Publix in Gulf Breeze.

A group of ladies from the Pensacola Beach Woman's Club serve up the fish and sides. Corporal Dick Burnett (USMC, ret.) is ready to taste some of the great-looking fish he caught today.