Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner on Pensacola Beach - 2009

The Elks Lodge #497 hosted Thanksgiving Day dinner for a group of young marines on Pensacola Beach this year. As you can see from the photos below, they finally succumbed to my persuasive powers about being photographed! Click on the photos to enlarge and you'll see some great smiles.

I want to thank each and every one of these beautiful young people for making the choice to help protect our nation. Most of them were far away from home on this holiday which is all about family and they are true heroes to me for the sacrifices they are making! I hope we have been able to show them in some small way how much we appreciate them.















































-50- I have a few elk wranglin' photos for this marine!


Thanksgiving dinner at the Elks Lodge

"M'am, you know this blinking pink flamingo pen you are asking us to use is not regulation, correct?"

"I'll take one of these...and one of those..."

Slim pickings...

In fact, it's pretty much skin and bones at this point.

Hamming it up...

And, oh, that pie...

The back deck of the Elks Lodge overlooks Little Sabine Bay and the marina. It's a beautiful spot to relax.

It was a bit nippy with a north wind coming over the water, but the sun was gorgeous as it sparkled on the water.

Thought he could elude me, but I saw that sly hoodie action.

Writing out their names and e-mail addresses so that I can send them a link to photos later.

Gulf Breeze elementary students worked very hard to make these adorable Thanksgiving decorations for the tables. They wanted to do their part for our marines today. Great job!

Everyone involved tried to make sure our military guests knew how much we appreciate them.

Everyone was stuffed, but go-boxes were available to make sure these young men and women got plenty to eat today.

Relaxing and watching a little football before time to head out.

The Elks Lodge did an excellent job, serving turkey with all the trimming for this group of young marines.

The back story on this photo is how the guy standing thought he was going to avoid my camera. NOT!

If we don't look, will she go away?

I had a great time meeting these young marines and wish them all the best. They were outgoing and fun to be around.

One last pass....

Departure time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.