Friday, May 29, 2009

Military Fishing Expedition - Part I


Pensacola Beach Marina

The charter boat Entertainer.

Return to shore!

Ready for a fish fry?

W.O.W. - look at those Mingo!

Time to disembark.

Now this is a serious fisherman. He brought his own gear.

Eatin' will be good today!

Look at the color of those Mingo.

Military Fishing Expedition - Part II


"Come to papa."

"Wow. Is this the one I caught?"

"Look at that beauty."

"Oh yeah."

"Just me and you and a frying pan, baby."

Checking out the cobia she caught...

Getting a grip...

Holy moly, the fish just keeps coming. How much does it weigh?

It's almost as big as she is!

Wait til they see this back home!

Fun day, good memories.

Alright, let's count 'em.

Hooking the fish to be weighed.

Lots of Mingo. Looks like seconds and thirds for everyone today.

The crowd admiring the catch.

Hey there, Walt! We've got dueling cameras going!

Watching the experts fillet the fish.

In forty-five minutes, this will be lunch.

Military Fishing Expedition - Part III


An hour after docking, all that fish was ready to be served.

Before and after -- with a couple of bottles of hot sauce in between.