Saturday, May 15, 2010

Military Fishing Expedition 2010 - Part I


Our Military Fishing Expedition 2010 getting ready to head out on the Entertainer!

The Entertainer

Fishing poles are set and ready

Kacey Gallope, E-2, Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC), from Peyton, Colorado!

Znak (Brooklyn, NY) and Niedzielski (Monroe Township, NJ), also represent NATTC.

A1C Tacazon (Waipahu, HI); AB Charron (Orlando, FL); and AMN Sumic (Waikoala, HI), USAF

Carlsen (Denver, CO) and Fales (Clear Spring, MD) from NATTC.

Gallope (Peyton, CO) and Reger (Corpus Christi, TX),

SSGT Burris (San Antonio, TX) with the USMC.

SPC Barbee (Little Rock, AR) with the US Army.

Irion (Goddard, KS) from NATTC.

Hey, Carlsen and Fales are getting in the swing of things!

Almost 7:00 a.m. - everyone is ready to go. Or is it just the sausage biscuits they saw taken on board.

Boarding begins.

Head 'em up...

Move 'em out!

{{{Hurry back}}}

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