Monday, May 17, 2010

Military Fishing Expedition 2010 - Part IV

Hinton, Trussville, AL, relaxes while the fish fry begins. How on earth did he stay that neat during a fishing trip!!

SPC DeMarla Barbee. Barbee has one of the most beautiful smiles you'll ever see and a personality to match. And, having caught nine fish on the trip, she was doing a lot of smiling!

Kevin Butler, Tampa, Florida looks like he had a good time out on the boat.

Niedzielski had a great day on the boat. I could see he was reeling them in, but didn't have a chance to find out how many he caught.

Znak, coming from Brooklyn, New York, probably hasn't experienced many fishing trips.

But Sumic is from Waikoloa, Hawaii, so he may be a pro at catching some big fish.

Tacazon - Waipahu, Hawaii.

Aaron Collar, one of our Navy guys - Norwich, NY & Redmond, Oregon.

Blaine Grandfield - Merit, Texas

James Thompson - Boise City, OK

Kevin Butler (Tampa) and Kenneth Burris (San Antonio).

Margarita Martinez, Pleasanton, Texas, was surprised to discover she had two Mingo on her line at one point.

Marcus DePriest, Newport News, Virginia, rests up while waiting for the first batch of fish to be fried.

Daniel Bush, Ft. Worth, Texas.

J.D. Irion, Goddard, Kansas, doesn't realize yet that he's going to get a trophy!

Kacey Gallope, Peyton, Colorado, got pretty well drenched on the boat, but look at that smile!

Romanowski , Cincinnati, Ohio, was an elusive subject to photograph, but I managed to get most of them that day.

Dale Anderson, Great Falls, Montana, was one of the Air Force guys on the boat. (Montana in on my bucket list to visit someday.)

James Thompson, Boise City, OK.

Cooney, Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Go Longhorns!

Pete Frishmann from Beaufort, SC, which was once named 'Best Small Southern Town' by Southern Living.

Awards table! Bet most of those on the trip didn't realize there would be awards.

Fresh from the Gulf, the guys and gals caught their own dinner and ours too! I can attest that it was moist and delicious!

Niedzielski agreed the fish was great!

Somebody is going to be hurting tomorrow. Look at those red arms.

It amazes me to see such tiny girls holding their own with the big guys. They are amazing.

Romanowski better go back for seconds, is all I can say -- speaking as a mom, of course.

Jason Anderson, Corinth, MS, and Jerin Burgan, Roseville, CA. I'm sorry I didn't find out how many fish Anderson reeled in, but he sure had the technique down.

Daron Nicasio, Los Angeles, CA.

Michael Walker, San Antonio, Texas.


Ryan Porter, Fayetteville, NC

Anderson is still chowing down!

Marcus DePriest finally had a chance to chow down on some of the fish he caught.

DeMarla Barbee

Hinsley, Montclair, CA.

Bogdan Znak

Plenty to go around.

Andrew Charron, Orlando, FL

Peter Fonda, Hudson, NY.

Johnathon Reger, Corpus Christi, TX.

Ah ha! The Hooters girls showed up and suddenly the guys seemed to pep right up and that long fishing trip. Burgen was the first up to get his photo made with them.

Danny Bush was happy to take advantage of the photo op.

Kacey was even tiny next to the Hooters' girls!

Dick Burnett decided this was one photo op he wanted in on also!

Jim Knell does an incredible job of pulling this great event together every year to show these young people how much we appreciate them.

Trisha Lopata, Pittsburgh, PA

Even a cake for dessert.

Mr. Morrie Drees presents the first award to Jason Anderson.

I'm still checking facts on the awards, but I believe Jason won "Most Fish" and perhaps even "Biggest Fish".

Marcus DePriest took away a trophy also. Marcus, let me know which trophy you won.

Comedian and Pensacola Beach resident, T. Bubba Bechtol, asks Marcus about the trip.

Znak and Nieldzielski chill out before time to head back.

Who will win the smallest fish trophy???

Might have been Niedzielski, but technically I think he reeled in half a fish. A barracuda took the other half.

Nope, that really was the smallest fish! Click the photo to see T. Bubba holding it up to show the attendees. Sandi Johnson from the Woman's Club presented Niedzielski's prize and trophy.

Mary Claus presented one more trophy to J.D. Irion

CTRI Aaron Collar with our boat captain, Jerry Andrews.

Everyone came away a winner on this trip.

Richard Burnett had a very special person waiting for him at the dock. His mom!

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