Saturday, May 15, 2010

Military Fishing Expedition 2010 - Part II

Reelin' 'em in

Pulling away from the Pensacola Beach Marina, our group quickly grab some biscuits and stake out their spots onboard.

Heading through Pensacola Pass and looking back at the Pensacola lighthouse in the distance.

Butler (Tampa, FL) finishes off his biscuit while thinking of the fish he plans to catch.

Ladies and gentlemen - assume the position.

Carlsen (Denver, CO) looks a bit tenative when he sees the bait.

Chop, chop.

LCpl Burgan (Roseville, CA), USMC.

Captain Jerry Andrews looks over the charts as we head out toward the USS Oriskany.

What a view from the top deck!

Time to drop the lines.

Fishing at the site of the USS Oriskany, which is also a popular dive spot. There were two boats of divers in the area that day.

DeMarla Barbee (Little Rock, AR) quickly hooked a Mingo, also known as a Vermillion Snapper. By the end of the day, Barbee reeled in nine!

Now this is just sad. Click on the picture and see the Red Snapper that Tarsha Bechtol reeled in. The sad part is that we were a week away from Red Snapper season, so that beautiful fish went back into the Gulf of Mexico instead of the frying pan.

Cpl. Trisha Lopata (Ambridge, PA), USMC, hooked a nice Mingo.

And from the look on her face, I think Lopata is now hooked on fishing!

LCpl. Jason Anderson brings in a Mingo. Looks like we're going to have a nice fish fry later!

Captain Rusty Smith unhooks a catch.

Another sad, sad tale...Dick Burnett, retired military (light-colored shorts and dark top), hooked a big one. After struggling with it for some time, his line snapped. But I can attest he hooked a big one!

Romanowski (Cincinnati, OH) heads to the rear of the boat to put his fish on ice.

Sgt. Margarita Martinez (Pleasanton, TX) hooked a White Snapper as well as several Mingo.

Cpl Marcus DePriest (Newport News, VA) shows off just one of the fish he reeled in.

Poor Dick Burnett is still upset about the one that got away.

Okay, who gets to claim that fish!

This is the life!

Getting a helping hand.


LCpl Cooney (Mt. Pleasant, TX) managed to snag this Mingo in its gill.

What a way to spend the day.

It was a gorgeous day on the Gulf and the military group obviously had a great time.

Captain Rusty Smith shows off a Triggerfish someone reeled in.

Uh oh...Dick's hooked another one. Let's hope it doesn't get away.

Click on the photo to see this fish in more detail. It is called a Sea Robin. When threatened or just gliding across the sea floor, the Sea Robin spreads out its fins which look like wings. Incredible looking fish, but back it went into the Gulf.

That's the way to do it! Niedzielski brought in two at a time.

Rough seas don't always make for a fun trip, but these two were troupers even though they may not want to look at fish for a while.

Handing over the fish.

Nice one!

WOW!!! Great catch, Anderson!

Gorgeous fish...and in a couple of hours we'll be having a great dinner.

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